UCIC – Le goût de France, Cita Rasa Perancis J’adore!

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Surabaya, 16 October 2023 – “Le goût de France, Cita Rasa Perancis J’adore!” marked a delightful and enriching collaboration between Indonesia’s higher education institutions, including Universitas Ciputra, and the French Embassy. This event was organized to promote French cuisine all across Indonesia. After visits to several other institutions across many different cities, the French Embassy stepped foot in the University of Ciputra, Surabaya; starting off with a warm welcome, continuing to a cooking demo while simultaneously taking a tour around the campus, and finally reaching the crescendo by signing both an MOU and MOA as well as enjoying a delicious lunch provided by the culinary business team.

The event began with a warm welcome extended to the delegation from the French Embassy and the Institut français d’Indonésie. This event was opened by a UCIC Representative and MC, Stannislaus Candra, as everybody reached the Culinary Business demonstration room. Then, the introduction was continued by Mr Fabien Penone on behalf of the French Embassy of Indonesia. Moreover, this event is organized to promote French cuisine all across Indonesia by inviting food enthusiasts and connoisseurs to indulge in a variety of French delicacies and experience authentic French flavors. 

The event was to be continued with a cooking demo moderated by Chef Lidwina Wibisono, lecturer of Culinary Business and Masterchef Indonesia Season 10 finalist who studied in Le Cordon Bleu, USA, with a number of the guests as well as several Culinary Business students seated at Culinary Business’s demo room  as audience. At the moment, a demonstration of making Bûche de Noël roll cake was presented before the audience. This dessert is made from a tender chocolate cake rolled filled with a sweet homemade whipped cream then coated in a chocolate frosting which is usually served in French Christmas tradition from the 19th century. The cake represents the yule log that families would burn starting on Christmas Eve, symbolizing the new year to come and good luck ahead.

Meanwhile, Universitas Ciputra also hosted a campus tour with several UC Representatives, including Mr Gelar Nanggala Wahyu Sagara Putra, the vice head of International Office. The campus tour showcased several of UC’s faculties, including VCD (Visual Communication Design) and FPD (Fashion Production and Design).

They visited the Visual Communication Design and Fashion Production and Design floor. During their visit to the VCD department, they had the opportunity to engage with one of the lecturers and they showed different arts of VCD students, like children’s books, traditional hand drawings, and many more visual arts. Meanwhile, in the FPD department, they also met one of the lecturers, gained access to a classroom, were provided with an insightful presentation about the curriculum and activities in the sewing class, as well as job prospects of FPD graduates. This provided an excellent opportunity to highlight the academic prowess of the Indonesian institution and strengthen the relation of both institutions with collaboration between the two countries in the field of education.

After the campus tour has ended, the event reached its crescendo with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the University of Ciputra and the French Embassy, along with the Institut français d’Indonésie using exclusive pens with a background of introductory video with the help f a TV posted in the middle of the room. These agreements formalized the commitment to strengthen academic cooperation, student exchanges, and joint research initiatives. 

To cap off the event, all of the guests who included Institut Français Indonesia representatives, Mr Innico Sjahandi (IGO) – founder IGOR pastry, UC representatives, and UCIC staff enjoyed the memorable lunch prepared by the lecturers and students from CB.

As the event came to a close, it left a lasting impression on all guests and colleagues, further reinforcing the belief that education and culture have no boundaries, and partnerships like these serve as a bridge to mutual growth and understanding. “Le goût de France, Cita Rasa Perancis J’adore!” at the University of Ciputra, Surabaya, was a celebration of the strong and growing ties between two institutions, Ciputra University & Institut français d’Indonésie. This collaborative event brought together the best of both worlds, from the culinary arts to academia, fostering a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures and educational systems.


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