Outbound Experience With UC!

Study at Universitas Ciputra and get International Experiences through a variety of programs offered by our partner universities.

Universitas Ciputra Surabaya has 22 University partners around the globe. Those partners are bound with MOU and MOA for the legal base of collaboration activity. Stated in the Memorandum of Understanding ae type of collaboration and validity of partnership.

The 22 partners have variety of programs including :

  1. International pathway Dual Degree with 9 Universities
  2. International Study Abroad with 9 Universities
  3. International Immersion Program with 12 Universities 
Global Partners

Each of the programs had their own regulations and requirements. Contact us for any program details.

General Requirements for participants :

  1. Your GPA match with the level GPA asked by program 
  2. Your health condition is perfect to travel and living for specific time abroad
  3. Your English proficiency matches the level IELTS asked.
  4. Bring along your best behavior