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Prologue – Student Buddy


Student Buddy is a program dedicated to train students of Ciputra University to be able to guide our future exchange students. This pioneering program is aimed to help students receive International exposure and experiences. By joining the student buddy program, students are guaranteed to be able to connect with people from different countries and join the global community.

These students who are currently in the program will have the advantage of earning a lifetime connection, cultural learning and language enrichment. The program equips students with the ability to learn better about our culture and the global culture.


In order that the student buddies are well prepared with the adequate skill sets and knowledge to attend to our esteemed international guests, UCIC under UC NNP organized a training camp that lasted for 2 days, ranging from a loud call to action on the 9th of December with a campus tour as well as an intro to proper hospitality for international guests all the way to a magnificent ending on the 10th of December with an explosion of information about the beauty of Surabaya and Indonesia as a whole.

Chapter 1 – Training Camp

Chapter 2 – Day 1


Day 1 began with a vibrant opening ceremony at 8:30 AM, with MCs Stanislaus Chandra and Janiece Queeny Waterloo setting a positive tone. Opening remarks by UC NNP vice president Mr. Gelar Nanggala Wahyu Sagara Putra and UCIC president Shrinithy Parthasarathi officially launched the program.  Following this, UCIC’s Event Planning Masters led a lively bingo-style icebreaker activity to encourage connections among the student buddies. The day continued with a detailed campus tour showcasing key facilities across multiple floors. To accommodate logistics, the student body was strategically divided into three groups led by Stanislaus Chandra, Christo Brave Triatmodjo, and Shrinithy Parthasarathi. Each group leader provided insights on their respective floors, covering areas like the master’s and doctoral degree programs, the design faculty, the international business major hub, communications studios, the student lounge, technology labs, and major offices. A special presentation on bubur Madura, a traditional dessert, was followed by a hospitality training session led by Theresia Rianatika Tulimau, concluding the first day’s activities.


Day 2 commenced with another energetic opening led by MCs Vania Sulistiano and Jessica Caithlin Wang, followed by a speech from UCIC president Shrinithy Parthasarathi.  Jesselyn Josodipuro led a session focused on Surabaya’s must-visit locations, where students practiced designing engaging tour itineraries. A quick, well-crafted icebreaker by the Event Planning Masters kept the momentum high for a follow-up session with Theresia Rianatika Tulimau on tourism and hospitality principles.

Chapter 3 – Day 2

Chapter 4 – Farewell


Wrapping things up, the student buddies huddled together with the UCIC committee and concluded the program with a photoshoot to remember, marking the beginning of many new connections and the great times UC will cherish with its partnering guests.


Any future plans regarding Student Buddy workload will be related to any international guests that may come to Ciputra University in the near future that need assistance in guidance around the campus or any outside events that are connected to UC. How the student buddies program will work is based on a yearly program, which means each year there will be new enrollment opportunities for students. For a near future event, the student buddies will have their first role on the 2024 Winter Camp that will last for ten days.

Chapter 5 – Future Plans

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