International Pathways

Study at UC and Our International Partner Universities!

UC International Pathway introduces Dual Degree Program / Joint Degree Program with UC Partner Universities. Business School, Design School and Tourism School students can have choices of study with two certificates of degrees. Many students prefer this type of International pathway because they can gain experience and degrees in the same time spent for 4 years of undergraduate study. Format of study is 2 years in UC and 2 years abroad, or 3 years in UC plus 1 year abroad. 

This type of program needs more attention and learning ability for students. Not only a specific GPA needed to join the registration , but it also needed a financing fund and higher language skills. For financing students might have to consider a long term plan before joining the program. IELTS 6.0 is fixed for Undergraduate program, 6.5 for Master degree program and 7.0 for post doctoral degree program.

Dual Degree Destinations:

  1. United Kingdom : Coventry University
  2. Australia : Swinburne University, Curtin University, Monash University
  3. Malaysia : TARUC, USM , UCSI, Curtin University
  4. Singapore : Curtin University, Singapore International Management
  5. Switzerland : IMI
  6. South Korea : Solbridge Business School, Woosong University, Dongseo University

Each country and university had their own requirements of the Dual Degree Study. Some study format examples:

  • 3+1   2 years study in UC + 1 year study in UK + 1 year back to UC = S1 degree + BA degree
  • 2 +2  2 years study in UC + 2 years study in Australia = S1 degree + BA degree

General Requirements:

  1. start in Semester 5 to semester 8
  2. GPA above 3.25 
  3. English proficiency 6.0 
  4. Letter of recommendation from the Dean of School
  5. Letter of Acceptance from Destination School abroad.
  6. Valid Passport
  7. Valid Study Visa ( Long Term)